Embracing beauty and Health


Taking care of your Skin


The Skin is not only a functional organ but an organ of visual, tactile and aesthetic communication. This dual status of the skin is reflected in the field of aesthetic and antiaging medicine, a field that encompasses injectable and implantable fillers, botulin toxin treatments, laser surgery and resurfacing as well as nutritional advice.

Our goal at Aesthetic Medicine Barcelona is to help you adopt healthy habits and maintain your external and internal beauty.

O Our goaur goal


We are pionners in the use of MonaLisa Touch in Spain, a  revolutionaty treatment for vaginal rejuvenation that stimulates the production of collagen and restores proper blood flow to the vaginal tissue. This simple 5 minute treatment cures the post-menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness, itching, or burning.

If menopause made sexual intercourse painful, this  simple procedure can revitalize your life.  Ask us about MonaLisa Touch today.

Anti-Aging Medicine


The foundation on anti-aging medicine is the adquisition of good and healthy habits, adapted to your unique style of life and medical history. At Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine Barcelona we provide you with the newest technology and research that contributes to improve your quality of life and make the most of your years.


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